Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Brexit: Facts Not Fear by Toby Young. How will you vote in the EU Referendum, for the UK to Leave, or Remain in the European Union?

Are you going to vote in the Referendum on the United Kingdoms membership of the European Union?

Will you vote in?
Or will you vote out?

Do you believe what the Prime Minister David Cameron says about our membership of the European Union?

Do you believe what Boris Johnson has to say about our membership of the Europena Union?

Or are you a fan of Nigel Farage, and agree with his views on our membershp of the European Union?

Are you voting for the UK to remain?
Or are you voting for the UK to leave the EU?

It's times like this, when I wish I could sail away to my own private island somewhere warm, and forget about all of the nonsense our politicians say.
I wish all of our politicians, be they Tory, Labour, Liberal, Green, or UKIP, I wish they would, for once in their lives, tell us the truth.
Tell us the facts, nothing more, nothing less, the honest facts about this important decision, and let us make up our own minds.
They should all be ashamed of the way they have attempted to manilaute and scare us into voting a particular way, to suit their own needs.

Not much surprises me, but the behaviour of our politicians in the run-up to the Referendum on our membership of the European Union, has disgusted me.
I never thought I would witness such bad behaviour in Britain.

There's only one day until we get to vote in the EU Referendum.
Although how honest the result will be, I don't know.

I feel as though the result has already been decided, and not necessarily by our dodgy politicians, but by the people who pull their strings.
And I fear the result will be to the detriment of Britain.
If so, sad times are ahead.
I hope I'm wrong...........

The way this whole thing has been reported in the news, the lies, and misinformation, reminds me of an African dictatorship where rigged elections are common practice.
This referendum feels so unlike how the United Kingdom used to, or should behave.
But I suppose that's because there are a lot of people in positions of power who are worried about the outcome. Not worried for the people of Britain, but concerned for themselves and their cronies.

You only have to read the news to know we do not live in a democracy anymore.
Sad, but true.

I am definitely voting in the EU Referendum, bright and early tomorrow morning, although deep down I feel it's a watse of time...........

That's enough from me, for now.

This video by Toby Young is short, and to the point.
It may help you decide which way to vote - if you are still unsure.
Do you think the UK will leave or remain in the European Union?
I'm interested to hear you thoughts...........