Friday, 19 February 2016

Aldi Supermarket, Rotten Mouldy Tomatoes, and Bad Customer Service

A few days ago, after we'd been out visiting family, on the drive back to our house we popped into an Aldi supermarket to purchase a few things.

Among various other items we purchased was a pack of six tomatoes.
When we got them home and took them out of the packet 3 of them were rotten, covered in mould. Nasty!

I shared a photo of the rotten Aldi tomatoes on the companies twitter and facebook accounts.

I received a reply from Aldi on twitter and facebook, which said the same thing, ''We're sorry to hear this Laura, please return your proof of purchase and packaging to store for a full refund!''

What a joke!
I replied saying that it would cost me more in petrol to return the rotten fruit, than the original cost of the mouldy tomatoes; 58p for the pack of six.
I never heard anything from Aldi again.
But looking at the Aldi hashtag on twitter, I saw that lots of their customers have been treated equally badly, or in some cases worse than I was.

I am unimpressed with the attitude of Aldi bad customer services.
I expected more from them. They're behaving just like the big four supermarket chains in the UK. Which is why I don't shop in them.......

Mouldy! Just bought 6 tomatoes from Aldi, 3 of them are rotten, covered in mould. Nasty! 👎😷💩

I've never had a problem with shopping in Aldi before this. 
I like, or should I say I used to like shopping in Aldi. 
And Lidl, I'm a big fan of the smaller shops, with less choice (the big four appear to give you more choice, but it's all the same products, but in tons of different size jars etc. so there's not really a lot of choice, just aisles and asiles of variations on sizes and pakaging to get you to buy more and make them even more profit).
Oops, rambling, a bit, I also like Aldi and Lidl for their better value products, there's less faffing about, shopping is quicker, and usually their products are decent quality.

So, I'm not writing this blogpost because I dislike the lower priced supermarkets. Or because I am a snob.
I just wanted to share the fact that despite buying six tomatoes from Aldi, I couldn't make for lunch that day, what I wanted to because I only had three tomatoes that were useable.
And if I'm sold six of something, then I want to be able to use, and/or eat, six of something, not three. 

Right, that's the end of my Aldi tomato woes, and it wasn't all rotten tomatoes, we did buy lots of wine in Aldi too - which was completely mould free, thankfully.
Do you shop in Aldi?
Have you ever unpacked your shopping to find Aldi has sold you rotten mouldy food?