Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Nacreous Clouds - Absolutely Stunning Sky

About a week ago, we were up and out early to take the dogs to the beach.

Beautiful colourful clouds, on the drive to the beach this morning. No filter. 😍😍😍
I shot this photo as we drove, through a very dirty car window. Not bad eh?

Barley, our rescue and Lurcher, and Porter, our rescue Rottweiler, are both crazy about the beach. Literally.
They always know when we're going to the beach, beacause they see the rucksack with their balls etc. ready for the car drive.

On this particular morning Barley and Porter seemed even more excited than usual, they were jumping about all over the place, and they whined the whole way to the beach. Thankfully it's only a ten(ish) minute drive.

Anyway, it was during the drive that I noticed how beautiful the sky looked.
It was still fairly dark as we drove along towards the beach, the sun had yet to rise, but the clouds were quite luminous, they looked as though they were backlit, and reminded me of a rainbow.

I've never seen clouds like these; rainbow-clouds. Beautiful. 😍🌈😊
On the beach, just before sunrise 

I tried to take some photos as we whizzed along the coast road. I only managed to get one that was in focus.
And I took a few more photos once we were all down on the beach.
The sun was rising, which changed the colour of the sky, but the clouds were still so beautifully rainbow coloured.
Maybe that's why Barley and Porter had been over-excited on the drive to the beach - because they were in awe of the gorgeous clouds? Hehehe!

It looks beautiful. But it was brutal. Never experienced such strong bitter winds on this beach before.
Necreous clouds, stunning sky at surise

Windswept, sand-covered boys. 🐕🐕
I had to include a photo of Barley and Porter - complete with nacreous clouds in the distance

Later on when we were back at the house, I shared some of my cloud photos on IG (InstaGram), which is where someone told me they were called nacreous clouds.
I hadn't known their name before. I can never remember the proper names of all the different type of clouds.
And I don't recall ever seeing nacroeus clouds before either.
The clouds made for an absolutely stunning sky, which made my morning, as I am a bit obsessed with clouds, stars, the moon - the sky in general really.
Are you a cloud obsessive?
Have you ever seen nacreous clouds?